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And the nominees are...

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Jan. 24th, 2012 | 07:56 pm
posted by: thelg in paparazzi_press


Claremont, Calif. — Oscar nominations? Big deal! What many want to know is who will snag a nom for bridesmaid in the biggest matrimonial event of 2012.

Wedding bells will be soon be ringing for editrix-turned-educator Elle Gordon and her longtime beau, Dave Davis, and sources close to the couple say the lovebirds have been diligently planning their autumn nuptials since Davis popped the question on Nov. 11, 2011.

"Ever since Elle's been back from living in Africa, she's really been craving vast, natural beauty," a friend of the bride shared exclusively with Paparazzi Press. "She definitely wants an outdoor wedding. Something spectacular in it's simplicity."

But along with where the vows will be exchanged lies another point to ponder: Who will be in the wedding party? An insider told Pap Press the maid of honor role has been cast, with the blonde's sister, Elena Gordon—commonly referred to as La Mejor—as the first supporting lady.

"Elle doesn't want her wedding party to look like everyone she knows is up there with her," a spokesperson for the couple told Pap Press. "In fact, Elle's been taking it very serious who she invites to stand beside her; very conscientious."

If the Aries' adventures are any indication of who will be in the selected set, compass needles should point to African adventure pal Erin Steinhoff, former bride Brittany (Boyle) Wilson, and fashionista-turned-food-expert Kelly Rae.

Gordon is waiting for one more "yes," an insider revealed, before announcing the official Fabulous Four on the couple's soon-to-launch wedding bliss website. Now who might that be?


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