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Paparazzi Press has been publishing exclusive press releases, emails and other news about hot Hollywood celebs online since January 2006. Through the creative efforts of our insider sources, Paparazzi Press is able to obtain even the most personal information about those in Hollywood who we hate to love and love to hate. Still, at Paparazzi Press, the most adored - and requested - celebs are a renowned fashionista and an international superstar. Paparazzi Press has secured worldwide exclusive coverage of celebrity news and fashion, and has become widely respected throughout the industry for exclusive photos with such A-listers as Kelly and Elle.

Searching for the opportunity to get a glance at Kelly or Elle in person? Well look no further. Here are some exclusive tips:
- Most often, Kelly and Elle can be spotted frequenting such LA eateries as Newsroom, Geisha House, The Ivy, Urth Cafe and Koi. They also love making appearances at Hotel Roosevelt, Chateau Marmount, and shopping at Tarina Tarintino and Spirituali on Melrose Avenue and American Apparel and various other shops on Robertson Boulevard.
- Elle and Kelly love to hit up Fashion Island in Newport Beach (or "Newp" as the two say). Other locales on their usual OC agenda include The Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, South Coast Plaza, Crystal Cove Promenade and the Brea Improv Comedy Club.

- Both Elle and Kelly have surrogate daughters in the forms of two precious pooches. Kelly's little girl, Kayla Renae, is considered to be like Posh Spice, while Elle's baby girl Bailey Quinn is more of a Sporty Spice nature.
- Wondering how the starlets manage to handle all the media attention? Perhaps it's because both earned bachelor's degrees in communication.
- While not ones to need extravagant vehicles, Kelly and Elle both drive 2003 Sport Edition Toyota Corollas.


Information last updated January 2009.